Seth Camick

Moving Powell Forward

As someone who believes engagement in our community is essential, Seth is a member of the Olentangy Rotary and is the Citizen Representative on the City of Powell’s Operations Committee. Seth is an enlisted member of the Ohio Army National Guard and is also the founder and president of the Powell Liberty Club.

Seth believes in improving our roads and relieving traffic congestion, especially in the downtown area. He will support Powell businesses and ensure our emergency services are fully funded to continue to keep Powell safe. Finally, Seth will create an environment of collaboration with Liberty Township to provide better services, from lawn care to snow plowing, to our community.

I am a fiscal conservative dedicated to moving Powell forward. I will ensure that Powell’s growth is paced with smart development so that families can continue to easily access businesses and other locations across Powell, while also protecting our police, fire, and EMS services.

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Improving Infrastructure

It is essential to alleviate traffic congestion and make Powell’s thriving downtown more accessible. Seth will reprioritize funding to improve roads and parking without creating additional tax burdens.

Working with Liberty Township

As the Citizen Representative on Powell’s Operations Committee, Seth has seen the collaboration of services disintegrate ranging from lawn care to snow plowing. He will work to create an environment of cooperation and restore these agreements so that residents of both the city and township are better off.

Supporting Business

Seth is dedicated to making Powell the very best place for business owners to grow their companies. He is ready to bring on an economic development director for the city who will coordinate with new and existing businesses to give residents a louder voice for what they want in our community.

Us Safe

Our safety is Seth’s top priority. He will ensure that emergency services such as firefighters, EMS, and our police are always fully funded so they have what they need to continue protecting our community.



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